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From 680 to 770 (V 32 to V 42). Thanks to E-GMAT


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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After 2 unsuccessful attempts at crossing the 700 score mark.I scored V31 and V32 in my previous attempts. I decided to take a course for Verbal. But with the plethora of courses available I wasn't able to make up my mind regarding the courses.

I started self preperation as i wasn't able to decide. I leveraged GMAT club to look for answers to my queries. Although multiple users share their opinions about the answers, I found multiple contradictions in the way they applied rules .Apart from that this wasn't helping me with one of my majors concerns - Time Management.

However, I encountered explanations and articles from E-Gmat on GMAT Club. The explanations were not only structured but also put down with multiple examples. This greatly helped me understand the concepts with clarity. I was very impressed with the small sample of their teaching methodology.

I decided to enroll myself for the course after a month of self-preperation.

I loved e-gmat's teaching methodology. First we are explained the basic concepts and process of solving quetsions. Then we take a few questions to test our understanding. Then we are taken deeper into each question type and specific process to solve them. We are asked to test our understading at each stage of learning. This helped me ensure that I had a good understading of the concepts before moving on. At the end of each course we can take 5 miscelaneous assessment test with great quality of questions.

I was also able to pace myself as per my convinience as the entire course is online and provides multiple opportunities to attend the live sessions as well. The live sessions in particular were greatly helpful. They gave the opportunity to work on questions with an experts and helped to improve understanding.

But i have not come to best part of the course yet. THE SCHOLARANIUM and THE E-GMAT FORUM. Scholaranium provides over 600 questions with varied difficulty levels. We can take them either as timed sectional tests or as quizzes. Each test is scored and helps to keep track of our progress.

The E-GMAT Forum is also a great place to resolve any queries you may. Although the time for response may vary from 1 to 4 days, the responses are effective. Moreover, most of our queries are already answered.

One catch regarding the forum is that, we are only allowed to ask queries regarding official questions or E-GMAT questions. But in my experience, this methodology not only ensure that we solve reliable questions but also builds our faith in the E-GMAT process.

I was also given access to 5 "800 score tests" and "all gmat club tests". These two features along with Scholaranium and official guides gave me a huge question bank to apply and perfect the E-GMAT process. And by perfecting the process i was able to manage my time efficiently. In my previous attempts i was able to attempt only about 32 questions in the verbal section but by applying the E-GMAT process i was able to manage my time better and answer questions with greater confidence. I attempted 40 questions in the GMAT and guessed only 1 questions.

I definitely recommend E-GMAT to anyone looking to improve their Verbal score. I believe the course helped me overachieve with a 10 point increment in my verbal score and 1 point increment in my quant score (thanks to the gmat club tests).

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