February 12, 2016

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Raising Quant score, after stagnating


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I have signed up for e-GMAT’s Quant live prep, and wanted to share some key differences that I have found. I am a re-taker, and got the same Quant score in my 2 attempts. I found my quant prep to be stagnating, and have found the e-GMAT Quant prep to be much more insightful.

The questions are based purely around concepts. I found that a lot of questions I did from other sources (including OG ones) could be solved by hook or crook even if you did not know the tested concept (by substituting numbers for eg.). This was bad for practice, as during the actual exam, I was going in with a weak concept that I certainly would get wrong if tested on it. e-GMAT Quant prep does not allow me to use this short-cut. This is so important.

Quant Scholaranium is such a neat ‘focused’ tool. The style is great. Explanations of questions are simple to understand. I am learning different ways to ways to solve each questions. Probably the most helpful bit is that it is very clearly bifurcated with tags (topics, difficulty level, PS/DS, etc.). Thus earlier while I had a rough sense that ‘remainders’ is a weak concept, now through Scholaranium I know exactly that even in ‘remainders’, DS XYZ is my weak area. The analytics dashboard is also really good, as it tells me exactly how I have progressed.

I am very happy with the progress I am making (finally) on the Quant portion using e-GMAT’s course/processes, and am now feeling much more confident of raising my Quant score.

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