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E-GMAT + Mentorship Program


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I took the GMAT back in 2019 and wanted to improve on my score. So in mid-2020, I reached out to the E-GMAT team as I had been able to participate in some of their free online workshops over the past few months and had a positive impression on their teaching style. The E-GMAT team has been supportive since Day 1. I had an initial one-hour call with someone on the team and sent my ESR for review. Immediately, he was able to identify various weaknesses in my performance and suggested that I participate in their mentorship program, which was new at the time. One week later, I was introduced to DJ, who became my mentor and go-to contact person.

During our initial call, DJ raised many important points about my ESR and came up with a detailed plan to work on my weaknesses. Every week, I would have a chat with him and he would tell me exactly what I needed to focus on from the E-GMAT course and their Scholarium question bank. Many people who struggle with GMAT studying lack structure in their preparation. Thanks to DJ’s help and continuous support, he gave me concrete steps and actionable items to focus on in order to gauge my improvement over time. His steps centered around going through E-GMAT’s structured course and drilling hard on quizzes using Scholarium. He also gave me reassurance throughout the entire process; I felt confident with what I was doing and had a clear idea on how to spend my time studying.

DJ made it clear that I needed to focus on four elements to do well on the GMAT:
• Learn the concepts
• Continuously apply concepts through questions
• Focus on mastering timing
• Have confidence in your abilities

I retook a few months later and scored a 710. I plan on retaking the GMAT soon and working closely with DJ again to strengthen any existing gaps in my learning. DJ promised to see my goal through until I reached 730+ and I am confident that he will continue to provide reassurance towards my success. We are now working towards that retake plan by communicating weekly and tracking my progress.

E-GMAT worked for me because of several reasons. Firstly, Scholarium contains hundreds and hundreds of questions across both Quant and Verbal; there’s endless opportunities to practice and refine your skills. Likewise, you can select specific types of questions (Strengthen, Weaken, etc.) to focus on. Secondly, their platform also allows you to see your accuracy rate on question types. Finally, the mentorship program was super helpful. It was very personable and customized to my own needs and schedule. DJ seemed to genuinely care about my success on the GMAT and he made an effort to follow up with me on a weekly basis and commit to my 730+ score goal. I'm excited to continue working with him.

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