December 11, 2017

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710 Q48 V42

Suitable online GMAT prep courses for busy non-natives!


Improvement 70 Points

Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

Location Online


I am an Indonesian -born, management consultant based in Southeast Asia. I have been benefit by e-GMAT courses, especially on verbal section. English is definitely not my mother tongue nor my primary academic language. I self-taught myself English and now work using English as primary command.

I work busy hours, sometimes on weekends. While my quant is fine (with a bit of brush up on conceptual required), that was not the case with my verbal section. I struggled to receive the fact that in my mock, I was only able to score V25 (~41 percentile).

A little over a year ago, a fellow consultant at the firm introduced me to e-GMAT and told me that this course is specialized for non-native. It took me few other months to eventually subscribe to e-GMAT verbal live package.

e-GMAT courses have helped me to improve my Verbal from V25 to V42 in less than 3 months. I obviously had to clear my weekends to commit myself in the process. All I do was to meticulously follow each section of the plan. I know that my weakest area are RC and followed by idioms in SC. So I focused on those areas.

For me the most important highlights is(and I could not stress it more): "Understand the Meaning". I will invest my first few secs in a given verbal question , just to understand the meaning and not rushing into the answer choices., e-GMAT taught me to do this.

If there's ever any other fellow non-natives, management consultant out there (or anybody), with questions regarding this post - feel free to drop me a messsage

December 26, 2017

Hi RaspberryX,

Congrats on the score. I am a bit dubious in regards to your Q/V split and your overall scaled score. A Q48/V42 is 710? My first attempt at the official test was Q47/V39 and I scaled at 700. You should be at least a 730 or even 740...just wondering. Thanks!

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