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When I was starting my GMAT preparation, I was totally confused about the direction I should take to ensure that I have a decent score. I consulted my friends & family, did heavy research on the internet, watched hundreds of YouTube videos but could not decide on one. Confused, I tried one Paid subscription of one company after another (Jamboree, Experts Global, MGMAT Mocks ) but there was no appreciable increase in my ability. I could feel that while solving questions, I was missing the right approach.

Then I decided to try out e-GMAT and boy-oh-boy, was I surprised!! The quality of the teaching is definitely much, much better than the rest of the others in the market. And this is coming from someone who has already invested more than Rs.2 Lacs in buying and prepping for the GMAT.

The best part of e-GMAT is that it relies on reasoning and reasoning alone to solve the questions, much as in real GMAT. Even in Verbal SC (a section that people think is about grammar), e-GMAT showed me how Meaning based approach can help in solving questions faster. In RC & CR, their concept files of Pre Thinking and Process of Elimination helped to quickly gauge and eliminate the wrong options. The Quant section is decent enough to cover all your bases, neither too hard nor too easy. My only complaints were that the IR section is not properly developed and there is no support for AWA. But overall, the e-GMAT course is still the best in business. I will be recommending it to anyone who is serious to crack the GMAT.

Finally, the support by the personalized e-GMAT mentor Mr. Archit has been great. He was able to find out the gaps in the armor which would have taken me a long time to figure out. he helped to develop a strategy for every mistake.

So, for all the upcoming aspirants out there, if you are reading this message - do not do the same mistakes I did. Go for e-GMAT subscription now! It is definitely worth it. You can check out their Free Trial version as well, if you wanna test the waters.

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