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After struggling with other competitive exams in India, i realised i was not doing so well in Quant sections of these exams. But there was a pattern, i did exceptionally well in Verbal part. So I did my research and planned to appear for GMAT, after a good work experience.

Like everybody i did the Official guides and attempted 2 mocks and appeared for the exam, to my horror i scored too low in the Verbal section. I took some advice from friends and tried all sorts of ways to get better in Verbal. I struggled for an year with the right material and was in desperate need for help. I researched even more, and bought some international prep material, which proved to be of little help. I was struggling with the preparation and my recently changed job profile made it worse.

I came across EGMAT Verbal live course, i liked the approach, the course streamlines all the grammar topics, categorizes the critical reasoning questions and helps with Reading comprehension on a much deeper level of insight. I made comprehensive notes, excel sheets of each topic capturing the gist and errors.
Approach is the key here, there is no point practicing questions without observing the pattern and pre-thinking (linking facts and anticipating results). Here the course structure comes in handy.
The Live sessions not only help you to get in touch with the faculty but also clear the air regarding strategies.

Finally, i would like to point out that my accuracy rate was high but my time strategy was weak, i was not able to reach the end of the verbal section. Here prethinking comes into the picture, now i am able to finish the section with great confidence. In terms of scores, i scored V19 in the verbal (official figure), now in mocks (which are fairly true reflection of final score) i am consistently scoring in the range of 32-38 (To me that is huge). I have booked a date and will soon share the final numbers.

I would definitely recommend this course especially to those who have wasted their time and money in other sources and failed to get results.

Thank you so much guys, now i feel more confident and better prepared.

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