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Must for non-natives!
August 25 | 2012
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I learnt about e-GMAT on the Gmat Club, and enrolled myself around early Feb this year. I already had taken date for GMAT in April, and because of job commitments, I could not spend enough time for the preparation, but in the short span of 6-7 weeks, e-GMAT helped my conceptual understanding immensely.

From my first mock test (Gamtprep) @ 610 (Q-47, V-27), I improved by 4 points in verbal to get GMAT score of 640 with 31 in verbal (Q-48). While this was below my expectations, a good amount of credit for my improvement in verbal goes to E-Gmat, which helped me in firming the concepts as well as approach.

I am taking Gmat again next month and fairly confident of 700 score, as now I have actually ‘understood’ that how much difference the 'meaning' (in SC) and 'pre-thinking' (in CR) can make, something which I perhaps only ‘recognized’ at the first attempt. After learning the e-Gmat approach, when I am revisiting the OG explanations now, I am sure that there cannot be a better approach than that of e-Gmat, atleast for non-natives.

Will come back soon with a 700 scrore. Thanks e-Gmat and Rajat!

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