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e-GMAT 3-step process
September 08 | 2013
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I will take my GMAT next month. Still I would like to put write about the e-GMAT course.
Based on posts in the various forums, I started preparing for SC with Manhattan SC book. While this book provided a good understanding of various error types tested in SC qs, it’s very dense. Moreover, my accuracy was not improving beyond 70% and even was decreasing below in time pressure. After strategy session “Master GMAT SC”, I enrolled in the verbal online course.
My take on this course
1. As per my opinion, the 3-step process of solving SC is the best process I have ever come across. Using this process, my accuracy has improved up to 90% in OG 12 qs. Honestly speaking, this process increased my confidence so much that I am actually addicted to the process
2. Emphasizing on meaning rather than too much theoretical grammar jargon is a real deal breaker. Example – e-GMAT uses simple terms like verb-ing modifier, verb-ed modifier in stead or gerund, participle.
3. Each concept is taught in a very logical way. Because of this, one can approach SC question in a same way as one does quant problem.
4. Audio-visual combination in e-learning really makes the learning enjoyable.

While each SC question OG VR2 was solved using a 3-step process, it also requests that you do the same for OG13. ( I am so addicted to this 3-step process!)
1. Argument structure and ‘pre-thinking’ assumption are a real deal breaker for any types of CR questions.
2. The course emphasizes the pre-thinking for most type of CR question.
1. Key reading strategy really helped me read the passage actively, improving my accuracy for RC questions
In summary, the best part of this course is that it makes the verbal preparation very logical rather than improving literary skill of English, making the verbal preparation very enjoyable and interesting. After one month of preparation, when my confidence was at rock bottom, it boosted my confidence. Now I think that like many other successful students, I can nail the verbal too. I am sure that my result on the real GMAT test will show soon.
If anyone is struggling with verbal, I would strongly recommend this course.

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