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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Online
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I used the e-GMAT verbal online course and was able to score a 750 (Q-50, V-40, IR-8). The e-GMAT course is methodical and very scientific. It made the whole process of learning objective and therefore leave very little scope for mistakes. I had tried to learn all the rules for SC correction but that was an unnecessary overkill. The course gave me direction and I was able to channel my time efficiently. The videos are clear and concise and the quiz at the end of each videos hammers the concept into your brain.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone reading this review. The least you could do is buy the SC and IR course. A 200$ investment in this course will definitely benefit you and I am sure with this course coupled with your hard work, you will be able to achieve a high score.

And a special mention needs to be given to Rajat and his team. They always responded within 24 hours to my mails and addressed my queries in a timely manner.

The only major drawback I could find with this course is the glitches in the software.

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