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Significant Improvement in Verbal Score


Improvement 120 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I started GMAT preparation with Verbal Score 26 in Diagnostic Exam but now I consistently managed to score 35+ in Verbal(Mock Test) & latest score is 39 after I emphasized thoroughly learning of concepts in SC,RC & CR by E-GMAT

SC: The lessons are delivered in structured way & it is easy to grasp the underlying concepts. The approach is well balanced between understanding meaning of sentence & grammer rules which gives good confidence in marking the correct answer choice. My accuracy has improved considerably & I now know the logic behind why answer choice is correct. The practices questions are challenging & one can learn good number of tricks while solving these questions

CR: I wasn't sure whether pre-thinking makes difference while solving CR & continued with my old practice of answering CR questions. Due to this mistake, my consistency in CR was fluctuating & i decided to revise CR concepts once again & to practise on pre thinking skills. With few days of preparation, I saw good improvement in marking right answer choice & also my timing to answer question has greatly improved. I'm now able to think in right direction even before looking at the answer choice,thereby improving accuracy

RC: RC is taught in very structured manner & by following religiously tricks & tips taught by Egmat, my timing & accuracy is improved. Now I'm totally involved & understand RC passages irrespective of interests in subject

Although my exam is schedule in a month, I'm quite confident to face verbal section keeping in mind lesson from EGMAT

In fact, my friends have purchased EGMAT based on my recommendation & they really like the teaching method of EGMAT.

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