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I've started my GMAT preparation in 2013. I took initial free CAT, and got very dissapointing 430. As many of you, I have a job, which makes it hard or sometimes impossible to keep up with preparation. It wasn't a surprise, that slacking on preparation led me to getting incredibly low 530 on actual GMAT in 2013. I belive it was Q39 and Verbal about 25 or so.
Then I forgot about the exam, again, because of my job.
I found E-Gmat in 2015. I've read many positive reviews of how the Verbal Course boosts the score, and brings a pretty enjoyable experience.
Well, I wasn't sure that I would be able to keep up with preparation, but I purchased Verblal Online anyway.
I covered Sentence Correction and most of Critical Reasoning parts. Then my job stepped in again, and I skipped Reading Comprehension.
In september 2015 I left the course until it expired.
Well, couple of days ago I decided to finally prepare for the exam.
I took initial free CAT and was very surprised with the Score of 620. I got Q41, which didn't really improve since I've never practiced math, and my Verbal score increased to V35 from some middle 20th!|
It's been 7 month since I stopped practicing with E-Gmat, but the knowledge that I received stayed with me for all this time. And didn't even study RC part!
I really enjoyed studying with E-Gmat, I am incredibly satisfied and surprised by the results that I got. I am surely taking full online E-Gmat course Q+V now for my final and I hope successful preparation for an actual GMAT.

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