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A Good Verbal Booster for Non-Natives


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

I came across e-GMAT through various reviews in Gmatclub forum. I was initially confused between crackverbal and e-GMAT and finally decided to go with e-GMAT after attending one of Rajat's webminars. The course starts with very basics of verbal concepts (subjects & verbs) and goes deep in each of the topic well. Each video starts with a pre assessment to assess your existing skill level and then the concept videos. Finally, there will be an application file where they test you and score your skill learned through the concept videos. If it is below the acceptable grade, then they will suggest you to redo the concepts. There is an additional section for each of the concept which gives selected OG questions related to each of the concept taught. This provides a grip of the topic and how it will be tested in real GMAT.

The methodology is perfect and the concept videos were very clear. Though I couldn't boost so much of my verbal score in real GMAT, whatever I have achieved is mainly due to their course. When my subscription ended about 20 days before the actual exam, I wrote to them asking for an extension. They were kind enough to extend the access to the course for another 3 weeks without any additional cost. I really appreciate their effort to stay supportive till the exam. I found the scholarannium really helpful to identify where exactly we are lacking.

I really recommend the course for non-natives to build strong concepts in verbal.

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