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With so much information available on GMAT, I did not know where to start. I decided to take GMAT after I resigned my job after 12 years to prepare to welcome my 2nd baby to this world. I ordered Official guide and started solving questions between July and Dec 2015 randomly juggling between my 2 young kids and studying. Most of the times I would get the problem right, but the timing per question was not right.

I tried giving GMAT mock test in Dec and scored a 470. Then I re-solved the official guide and I thought I was good to book a date for exam. When I took another mock exam again in Jan end, the score was again 490. So what went wrong? What happened to my effort put into solving the official guide. This meant, I essentially did not have an approach to solve the problem.

This is when I decided to buy the e-gmat course after going through some reviews. I first bought the quant. This is good for people like me who are scoring around Q25-30 in mock. Just studying this material will give u nearly 10-15 point improvement in quant taking the score to at least Q40-Q45. To score beyond this, you will need material from gmat club, for topics like overlapping sets , co-ordinate geometry etc. I would highly recommend e-gmat quant material, if you are scoring in the range or 30.

The verbal material from e-gmat also is very good. It helped me push my verbal score from V 19 to V30. I think the pre thinking and meaning analysis approach is what gives the advantage. They teach from the basics which makes the foundation strong. The material is divided into small sections, so it helps avoid information overload as we can take a logical break after 1 chapter. I highly recommend this material. Sentence Correction and CR material is excellent. RC material can be improved to discuss a little more on the types of passages.

With this e-gmat material, I prepared from Mar to May and gave my GMAT on May 26. I scored 610, nearly a 120 point improvement. I am certainly happy with my progress though I know this score will not take me anywhere.

I took a break and have just started preparing for my 2nd attempt due in Oct. This time I hope to score the magical 700. My revision of verbal has taken my score to V35 in mock! Waiting to revise my quant material. Will keep you posted on how my actual exam goes.

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