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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I gave my first GMAT attempt and scored 600(49, 24). I am a non-native. After this attempt, I was struggling to find the right course and after going through several reviews I opted for e-gmat Verbal online. The course is great and it provides a comprehensive and methodical way to approach and solve CR, SC and RC.
I really liked the SC and CR approach. To be honest, I didn't go through much of the RC section.
Prethinking in CR and meaning first in SC really help me to tackle GMAT questions.

Few msitakes that I made during my preparation while going through the course, may be it can be helpful for anyone who is opting for this course:

1. The application files and practical files, quizzes after each topic, should be treated as check points, for example if you score less than 75% in Parallelism, then you need more practice on this topic. Review the concepts again and apply them to Official Guide questions.

2. One of the gem of this course is scholaranium. very helpful tool to analyze and improve the score. I wish I had utilized this tool to its full potential. There were files in which I scored less and still moved on to the Scholaranium. I ignored the signs that could have given me a realistic estimate of where I stood in my preparation.

3. Do not ignore Skill Data section in scholaranium dashboard. You can fine tune your preparation to a very good degree

I ended up scoring 690(49,34). Though my overall score improved by 90 points and Verbal score by 10 points, the real challenge starts from this score :P
I feel that the course did a fair job.

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