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Verbal Learning - Made Easy


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I used the course only for Sentence Correction, though I had purchased the full Verbal Online course for the mocks, and scholaranium access. I didn't need much preparation for RC so I studied only MGMAT RC Strategy Guide and for CR I referred Powerscore Critical Reasoning Bible. I had heard from a lot of people that these resources are better than E-Gmat and hence I relied on proven tried and tested resources for each section.

Pros -
1. Interactive way of learning.

2. Some difficult portions do become easy thanks to the audio-video mode of learning, especially the if-then constructions, verb tenses, subjunctive, etc. Memorizing becomes easy. It is a scientifically proven fact that one's visual memory is superior to one's auditory memory and their course content clubs them both together. Helps you in retaining the concepts.

3. Huge question pool - scholaranium packs in a large amount of gmat like questions. The analysis in scholaranium also helps one gauge his current ability score. Takt time embedded in scholaranium is also a good tool to analyze timing habits.

4. Neatly organized content, divided properly into sections and strategy sessions and excels detailing schedule are provided. These tools help you stay on track. Though I believe the order of appearance should be modified, it still is a nice that the content is organized section-wise.

5. E-Gmat team has done extensive research for GMAT and they have put in a lot of efforts in analyzing each of the OG questions.

6. A huge number of satisfied customers, some of them, whom I personally know.

7. Comes with Gmatclub,com mocks - these mocks are a great source for quant practice.

Cons -
1. Quality improvements are needed - a lot of sessions have some missing words or extra irrelevant information. For e.g. the article 'learn how that can help demystify' has useless content at the end and for some sessions like these the answers are not provided. This doesn't look good for a test prep company claiming to be the number one in GMAT preparation. Some repetition is there, especially in the articles section.

2. Questions after a particular session don't test concepts from that session only, but they also test concepts from other sessions. For e.g. the subject-verb session, in the beginning, has questions which rely on modifiers and idioms as well. Incorrect answers then demotivate the learner.

3. Some concepts are conveniently omitted, such as an idiom variety I remember in the idioms section. Some incorrect knowledge is imparted, such as "distinguish from" according to E-Gmat is wrong.

4. There is no option to increase the speed of the videos - this takes up a lot of time as the pace of the videos is a little slow and for a fast grasper it would be convenient if the video speed can be increased (optionally of course to say 1.5 times). Even youtube provides this option.

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