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I started my GMAT prep in the month of September 2016. However I took a misstep in my early days of prep by trying to read as many books as possible, from Kaplan premier to MGMAT series. While the books are good content wise, I never gathered focus or gained confidence for the d-day. In fact, my successive insipid scores in Kaplan CATs only validated my belief that books aren't my cup of tea for GMAT and by the mid of Dec, I was looking for alternatives.

I attended one of the e-gmat webinar's and quite liked their approach. The videos were crisp, to the point and the learning was tested immediately via a post module quiz. Comparing the pre and post quiz scores are a great way to boost your self confidence. I immediately signed up for their SC course as that was my weakest link.

For a non-native english speaker for me, the course structure was ideal. The course starts with the foundation topics, meaning the structure of a sentence, the components i.e phrases, clauses, verbs etc which clears up any misconceptions you have had all along. The modules dealing with other GMAT topics such as pronouns, verb-ing, verb-ed, comparisions, idioms are life-savers. In fact my scores in SC showed consistent uptrend in mocks during and after the SC course. In my GmatClub test sessions, my SC success rate went from 60-70's to mid 90's consistently. And more importantly, it removed the fear that I harbored about SC so much that I was actually looking forward to SC's

All in all, I would gladly recommend e-gmat SC course to anyone looking for SC coaching. I couldn't have scored 730(v40, q49) without it.

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