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I'm yet to give my GMAT but I just had to write this review. A big shout out to the e-GMAT team for helping me out with my prep. This is a debrief of my journey so far and how e-GMAT has helped me improve.

The first thing I realized while prepping was that despite putting in effort, I was not seeing an improvement in my score. My diagnostic score was a 700 (Q45, V42) and all subsequent efforts were around the 700 mark - 680, 670 & 640. This obviously got me worried as I had hit the dreaded 'score plateau'.

I started going through debriefs on BTG and GMAT club to determine if there were others who were facing a similar issue. A commonality that I found was that these fellow GMAT-aspirants had signed up for the e-GMAT course and were swearing by the improved results that they saw. I had my doubts about this course and started off with the free verbal webinars conducted by Rajat from e-GMAT. I absolutely loved the webinars and promptly signed up for the e-GMAT Online course.

The prep:
I was struggling with RCs and thought that I good at SC and CR. However, I didn't have empirical data that backed this perception and there was no baseline. I decide to start from the start and the first module that I completed was Master Comprehension. This is the fundamental course for verbal and greatly helped me reorient my reading habits. The learnings are basic yet so important and I could feel the difference as I attempted RC and CR questions - improved focus and attention to detail.

Next up, I started with Scholaranium as I had to determine my baseline. This is what blew me away. Super Stuff. Schloranium is a dashboard that slices and dices your abilities in terms of strengths and weaknesses in all topics both, in quant and verbal. I started with solving all ability quizzes in quant and verbal and was amazed at the insights. I realized that I needed improvement in number properties, algebra and SC - and these were topics I thought I was good at !!!

I prioritized my study scheduled basis my strengths and weaknesses and put a countdown to my next full-length. I took my next test in about two weeks after I started my course and scored a 670 (Q43, V40). This was a big bummer but I was determined to figure out what went wrong since I was very confident going into this test. Turns out it was a timing problem - back to the drawing board. Two weeks of prep peppered with drills on e-gmat and practice from OG17, 16 & 15. Next test on 1st June 2017, I socred a 720 (Q45, V44). I can't convey what that felt like because this meant that I had surpassed the score plateau and was on my way to my target score of 750+.

My test day is a couple of weeks away and I'm now spending time in perfecting the core skills taught in the e-GMAT course and am going over fundamental principles in the concept files and yes, solving multiple sets of questions. I will definitely share my debrief post my GMAT but in the meanwhile I want to say this:

"If you're feeling stuck, disappointed or demotivated because you've hit a score plateau, don't worry. I was there too and the e-GMAT Online Prep course and OG practice has helped me overcome this. Attend Rajat's free webinars and if you like them, go ahead and buy the course because you will absolutely love the prep."

Feel free to reach out to me in the comments. All the best with your prep !

Cheers !

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