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Last year, I ended up with a disappointing score of 660 (V-32), much to my astonishment. Around mid of this year, I had planned to retake the exam and signed up with E-GMAT for their Verbal Online course, since I clearly needed some help with verbal and E-GMAT held a pretty good reputation, especially for their verbal course.

I am yet to retake my exam next month, but here are my thoughts on the experience I've had with the course so far
SC - Highly highly recommend, especially for the non native speakers. The course covers every possible concept tested in GMAT for SC. The main concepts of SC are broken down into easy understandable videos which comes with a pre and post assessment. These videos have extensively helped me gain command over SC questions, so much so, that my accuracy improved to a 90%

CR- My CR has been good to begin with. Again, well made videos and concepts are clearly laid out

RC and Master Comprehension- RC has been a blocker for me since the very beginning and their videos are clearly helping me out to gain more confidence over RC questions, with their strategies to approach different sorts of RC questions. Master comprehension is a nice and quick course that serves as a good pre-course before starting RC.

Overall, highly recommend for those looking to improve verbal scores. I have had help from several book and material courses before but nothing was nearly close to E-GMAT's course, because of the way how their course is designed, especially for their SC course.

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