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September 29 | 2018
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So , I took this course somewhere in January 2018 after getting strong recommendation from fellow gmat club members and enrolled GMAT students.

For indian students, Definitely egmat course is bit easy to understand and comprehend as compared to other courses. The material is well devised along with improved UI for scholnarium and blitzkreig. Over the time they evolved well with improved support from their team on query resolution. Stats are good and question bank is of good quality
Now downside to this is that compared to others , egmat is a bit overpriced ,considering that it is valid for a period of only 6 months. So only and only if you have taken ur gmat date in advance, it makes sense to enroll here . However they do extend for a month for no charge at all if you have official mail of your gmat scheduled date.

It is a good course but again ,enroll if 6 months mean that you will be completing investing in this as every month counts.

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