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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I was looking for a verbal course online, one of my friend suggested me about the e-gmat verbal online course, I quickly enrolled for the course.
It is an extremely user friendly and an interactive course, which removes the general monotony of studying from a text book.
It was the first time when I had to learn the grammar rules, and being a non-native speaker, I always trusted my ear for correct grammar. I got to know the step by step approach of how to handle SC, which was the most difficult section for me in the GMAT, I was scoring the minimal and with a very low accuracy, after learning the concepts and applying the POE approach my accuracy started to increase in this section.
The approach to handle the tough RC passages is also explained, and after diligently applying the approaches my accuracy almost increased to 90%, infact in my GMAT retake I got 100% accuracy in the inferred area sub-section of RC (I saw in my ESR).
The pre-thinking approach to handle SC questions is also another amazing aspect of the course.
The questions on the scholaranium are very realistic and the closest to what you could get on the GMAT.

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