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Great analytic tool


I signed up to get the free test first. Since the test experience was very nice, I bought 14tests pack. How accurate is it? I feel like its very nice tool but i can only tell you after my exam how accurate the tests are.
Why I write the review now because I feel that nothing else can get you closer to your target score than sitting through the test again and again and analyze your mistakes and areas you need to do improve. They offer such a detailed analytics; this is the exact product I was looking for 2 weeks before the scheduled date. I also tried the version where you have boldface and remainder questions to practice. I do think it is very nicely structured and learning oriented with its gmat shoots, which are short videos for you to repeat the most important contents.

Critic: After I solve the question there are solutions with videos. I think the solutions, explanations could be much more focused on how to solve the question then just giving the right answer. Presenting one or two practical way to solve the question would be nice
Also, at the test the clock turns red when exceeded time for the question, which is very nice. Would be nice if GMAT would adopt red clock as well, but they don’t. So this might distort the test experience a little.

I give 5 stars because I'm super happy for this analytic test tool. I’m just revising the week areas from my notes and keep improving. Please note that I covered the test material from other sources so I cannot say how beneficial is that part.

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