February 27, 2016

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GMATCLUB Tests-Quant all the way!


I got GMATCLUB tests by paying for the 6 month subscription back in 2014 but then I had to extend the subscription for 50% off (due to premium membership) as I had to push out my GMAT plans for 6-8 months later. I think everyone considers Bunuel one of the best GMAT Quant experts if not the best one. He has compiled some quality questions in both his signature collections and the GMATCLUB tests.


1. Excellent source for targeted practice (by difficulty level or by topic/sub-topic).
2. Useful to review questions that you got incorrect or spent too much time on.
3. Ability to select just quant or verbal separately to evaluate if you manage your time well for 37 or 41 questions in 1 practice session.
4. Ability to select number of questions in a given practice session, timed/untimed.
5. Interface is very similar to what you will get in actual GMAT. This familiarity to the interface is a very important aspect of training yourself for the real thing.
6. Interface for the practice/mock CAT gives you the same options that you get in GMATPREP (pause the exam if you want to, same shortcuts applicable as those in the GMATPREP software etc.)
7. Great number of questions for both verbal and quant.
8. Great pricing and collection of perks that you get with GMATCLUB test subscriptions.


1. Although @bb and @bunuel have gotten the algorithm tweaked a few times, but I felt that the algorithm wasn't really adaptive when I chose to go for quant only CATs. I saw majority of the questions (sometimes 34-35 out of 37 as 700+ level questions). IMHO, GMAT throws a lot more of the other difficulty levels to come up with the correct sectional score.
2. Verbal for GMATCLUB tests still lacks good quality questions and as such I stayed away from the verbal questions in the GMATCLUB tests.

March 02, 2016

Thank you for your review - I feel you have taken the tests a little while ago (perhaps pre Sept 2015?) Algorithm was updated to provide for a greater variety of difficulties (creating more paranoia and emulating the concept of experimental GMAT questions). This works both ways - those who score high still get easy questions and those who score low, still get hard questions. I know it is diabolical, but I can't help it :-)

March 09, 2016

Hi bb ,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, my comments are based on the version of GMATCLUB tests that was before 7th August, 2015.


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