June 06, 2016

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Excellent Quant - Debatable Verbal


I have the privilege to try all 6-7 full Quant +Verbal Tests in GmatClub Test. Few notes are:

1. General:

- You don't have the AWA & IR section to have full experience like GMAC or other tests.
- Questions type are mixed up between 500-700 even if you hit 700+ level, which I felt quite similar to the real test
- There are still few minor glitches with uncompleted question, not highlighted words (even in the question stem said so), in consistent in answers (most without letter but some with A, B, C, D...)
- Plus point for explanation of each question and with forum link where we can find more detail and understanding of questions.
- Good statistics on each question: sometimes I felt it's cool to know how many percent of people make the same choice as me.

2. Quant

- Pros: excellent questions pool, many types of question, great trick and trap, some really got me surprise. Very detail explanation and easier to follow (with forum as well)

- Cons: Not any particular, overall I'm quite satisfied with the Quant session
(P/s: in the last few try, my Quant in Gmat club around 50-51 but in the real test I scored only Q49 :( )

2- Verbal

- Pros: good mix of question, 6 tests for you to try, I think it's a substantial amount for practice; some familiar questions were put under different perspectives which gives me good understanding of the whole point.

- Cons: some questions are debatable (even in the forum); my last 2 verbal tests were all with CR & SC - not a single passage on RC at all. I think the logic behind may have some issue here.

Hope that'll help.

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