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GmatWhiz made me realize that there is more to learn other than the concepts to score well on GMAT. I was not really aware of any strategies to solve GMAT questions before. But once I started studying using GMATWhiz, I got to many strategies which helped me solve questions under optimum time. The personalized study plan helped me stay focused right till the end and the organization of concepts made it really to easy for me to study a particular topic on a given day.

The way of teaching is something I have to really admire. After every concept video, there is a concept booster and practice quiz which help you solidify your understanding. The detailed solutions provided for each question helped me compare my approach with the right one and nullify the gaps if any. And the questions provided in QWizard helped me take timed quizzes. I really liked this feature because the main thing I tried to focus in my last month of preparation is the timing. I gradually reduced the time limit for every quiz and then increased the level of difficulty.

And not the least, the mentorship provided by the team is really helpful. There were times when I felt low and when I thought of giving up but the motivation and guidance provided by Piyush helped me reach my target.

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