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Junior Deluxe - Mark

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I purchased a 3 school junior deluxe package from Admissionado. My perspective is one of someone who doesn't have much disposable income, and who comes from the nonprofit sector. Based on my experience, I feel that the junior deluxe package was a good fit. For someone on a budget, I really wouldn't see needing more than this in order to give yourself the best chance of admission into top schools. As an additional way to save money, I would recommend working with Admissionado on a handful of schools. From there you can easily tailor the essays you developed into essays for other schools. In my case, this meant working with mark on essays for 3 different schools, but using those developed essays to apply to 9 schools total. This fall I will now be attending Harvard on a $51,000 per year scholarship. I won't go so far as to say that working with Mark got me into HBS. What I can say, however, is that working with Mark brought my essays from good to amazing. The benefit of working with Mark is that you have someone who reads dozens of essays and knows what it takes to have an amazing essay. I can unquestionably say that working with Mark was a tremendous experience. He was patient and took the time to fully understand my unique background. At the same time, he was honest and didn't sugarcoat things. He was willing to ask difficult questions and in some cases flat out tell me that an essay idea that I had was a bad move. In my opinion, being willing to give these tough answers is what makes working with Mark such a pleasure. In the end, you will unquestionably give yourself the best chance for admission into business school. Whether this marginal advantage is worth the high pricetag is an individual decision, however. In my case, I believe it was worth it. I really cannot recommend Mark more highly, and if you've already made the decision to invest in admissions consulting services, I really don't think that you'd regret going with Mark!

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