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Ryan was great!


Great course - focused on efficiency and strategies, rather than extraneous content. Everything I learned was very useful during the actual test. Ryan, in particular, was an awesome teacher. He was very blunt, and direct; and I even found it helpful (weirdly) to approach questions with his emphatic voice/intonations, as well as his helpful analogies. There was an optimal balance of quant vs. verbal content, and the strategies were very helpful, particularly in time management/on the quant section. Additionally, the 1-on-1 assessment during the course to help focus my strengths/weaknesses did wonders for my score. There were only 2 minor negative aspects with the curriculum: 1. Limited practice tests (more personal preference – I study best through excessive repetition, so I wanted more than 6) and 2. Slightly too much IR focus in the homework assignments.

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