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Great on test strategies and content review


I took the 9-week Manhattan Prep course with Jeffrey Volmer (in the D.C./Northern VA area) in winter 2018 and was very pleased with the experience. Jeff is an excellent and patient teacher who always made himself available outside of class hours to answer questions.

The Manhattan coursework and classroom format encouraged self-study. For someone who may not be motivated to study alone and profits from the pressure of having to keep pace with peers, this is a great option. In addition to reintroducing the grammar and math concepts that one will need to ace the test, the Manhattan curriculum emphasizes the strategies a test-taker must use to optimize his or her score under the time constraint and how to recognize and approach recurring “tricks” that the test throws at you. Jeff did a great job of giving equal currency to the test content and strategies.

I started studying for the GMAT without having taken a math course since high school (eight years prior). Given the intensity of the quant, this was my greatest weakness. But the Manhattan textbooks (especially Foundations of Math) provide an overview of the basics and ample drill exercises to help improve on that portion of the test.

I did not take the test for business school so I wasn’t trying my damnedest to break 700 (I didn’t). The programs I applied to also accepted the highest score in each category (Quant/Verbal/IR/Essay) from any test sitting, so I had different incentives from someone applying to an MBA program. If you struggle in one category, I would recommend supplementing the Manhattan coursework with a tutor as you get closer to test date. If you are in the D.C. area, I’m fairly certain Jeff offers tutoring and would make an excellent one-on-one teacher.

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