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Excellent course
May 31 | 2012
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I thought MGMAT did an excellent job providing all the tools that it takes to do well on the GMAT. From day 1, my instructor Kate stressed that "relearning" the fundamentals of both verbal and quant would be largely up to students during the week in between class meetings. This means doing ALL of your homework from the materials that MGMAT provides and doing ALL of the practice problems. This is not easy, but absolutely essential to being up to speed for weekly meetings.

During class, we reviewed several types of questions and talked through various strategies for solving each of them. I felt this was the biggest value add of MGMAT- the strategy portion for each different type of question- both verbal and quant. Once you are armed with a systematic approach to every question, all you have to do is practice, practice, practice. Reviewing strategy greatly reduced anxiety on test day, because I had a "game plan" for each type of problem.

Overall, excellent structure and I would highly recommend.

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