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My time with Manhattan GMAT was well spent. When I started the course I was completely unprepared, not to mention I hadn't done much math between my senior year of high school and now. Not only did MGMAT prepare me with detailed books and plenty of coursework, but they have a number of resources available to students, and they are very generous with their time/practice center.

My instructor was excellent--he was clear, practical and held my attention for the whole class. In addition to strong instruction, the books were easy to read and kept me very busy.

The practice center was a helpful tool. I get anxious when it comes to test taking. Not only was I able to practice in "test-like" environments, but I was able to use the center for regular practice and homework as well. Having a quiet work space is key, and while I know it wasn't policy to have some classrooms open, every now and then when I needed to do timed drills after work, they let me use an empty classroom.

As someone else in another post mentioned, if you start to test at the top of the range and continue to take the adaptive tests, you start to run into some repeat questions, which does inflate your score. This only happens if you go through all six tests and then reset them (although it looks like they've also added a bunch of new questions along with the integrated reasoning practice.)

Overall, I had a great experience with Manhattan GMAT. I did take it twice, but I am very happy with my score. It is a high quality experience and I highly recommend the program.

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