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Jeff is the best!


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Course Manhattan Prep Manhattan GMAT Private Tutoring

Instructor Jeff Vollmer

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I initially requested Jeff to be my tutor after I had attended one of his free online GMAT prep hours and saw that he was strong in Quant. I was convinced that Quant was my weakness since I had a lower percentile score in Quant than Verbal. Right off the bat, he showed me how percentiles lie and recommended that I primarily focus my efforts on Verbal. He taught me how to effectively deconstruct an argument in critical reasoning questions and corrected some grammar misconceptions I had in sentence correction (i.e., adverbial vs. noun modifiers, -ing words are not all present tense). With reading comprehension, I learned to stick very closely to the text, especially for inference questions. Do not assume anything in verbal without evidence from the passage to back your conclusion!

I had considered giving up on the GMAT and MBA applications this year after taking the exam multiple times and not getting the results I wanted. With Jeff’s guidance and expertise, I found the motivation and vigor to keep going. Not only did I get the score I wanted, but I also enjoyed the process of studying for the GMAT. Highly recommend Jeff as a tutor if you are new to the GMAT or stuck in a rut but determined to reach your goal!

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