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Course Manhattan Prep Live Online

Instructor Josh Braslow

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Some background: I am an international student based in a Middle Eastern country with absolutely no quantitative background. The last time I took a math class was in high school, and I graduated high school 6 years ago.

I decided that I wanted to take the GMAT and took a diagnostic test and scored an underwhelming 580. I signed up for an in-person private tutoring course by another well-known international prep company, and I was able to consistently hit the low 600s, but never past 650. After doing some research and seeing some of the great reviews on here, I signed up for an online course with Manhattan Prep.

Since the company is based in the US, all but one of the course timings were not suited for my schedule. The only course that was available, and took place at a convenient time, was Josh Braslow's course.

Josh is a GMAT instructor living the dream, teaching GMAT skills to people around the world online while living on a Mediterranean island. This works out great timezone-wise for anyone in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We also had a few U.S. based students who wanted to get their GMAT lesson out of the way early in the morning before they went to work. The point to consider is that you will likely find something that works for your schedule.

Josh is a great instructor and will absolutely take you where you need to go with your quantitative skills. He makes himself available to all of his students for questions, and even offers great insights and strategies that he has taken the time to figure out himself. This isn't an instructor who is being provided with the lesson plan, he creates one that is unique to him. He makes sure that everyone gets a chance to contribute, and everyone walks away knowing so much more about the exam than before. His emphasis on strategies is essential to any significant score improvement. His insight on sentence correction is also invaluable, and he did a great job walking us through the various approaches that made the verbal section very manageable for a non-native speaker like myself. In the weeks leading up to the exam, my GMATPrep scores ranged from 720-770, (With my highest Q at 50, and highest V at 47) and I finally sat the test and scored a 730 (Q47/V42), which I am more than happy with. Definitely worth the money.

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