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Jamie’s The Best


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Course Manhattan Prep Live Online

Instructor Jamie Nelson

Location Online

Jamie’s online prep course really helped me set a good foundation for my GMAT study journey. You can tell right away that she’s an expert not only on the material, but how to teach it in a way that all students can understand. She’s very patient, but also knows when to ask a student to discuss one-on-one with her after class as to not waste class time for other students. She also very generously stays after every class for at least 15 minutes to help students with any questions. Additionally, she’s very responsive over email.

She taught me a lot of techniques and tips on how to tackle every type of question. Her assurance that letting go of questions was okay and that I didn’t need to nail every question was great advice because it helped me pace myself on practice exams and the actual exam. Her steps for tackling DS questions was also critical because she always emphasized in class that we should pay attention to givens and simply the question / statements before solving. Her tips are pretty creative sometimes. I’ll never forget when she taught us that factors that live upstairs in the house have to have corresponding buddies that live downstairs. Take her course to learn more!

I did my Post Course Assessment with Jamie and as with previous practice exams, she narrowed down my improvement areas into a handful of topics, which made studying post-course much easier and streamlined. I’ve kept in touch with Jamie even after the course because she truly cares about her students and wants to see them succeed not only on the exam, but with their careers.

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