January 21, 2015

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I had an excellent experience with Stacy Blackman Consulting. I worked with Bill and he knew exactly what I needed to do to present myself in the best possible light. Unlike other consultants I interviewed who said I didn't have the pedigree, the GPA, or the GMAT. Bill believed in me and encouraged me to set my bar high and let the cards fall where they may. In the end I was admitted to every school I applied to, including Wharton (my first choice).

It is easy for a consultant to take an ‘A’ candidate and make them an ‘A+’ candidate, but it takes someone with real talent to take a ‘B’ candidate and show the Adcom why they are really an ‘A+’. My experience interviewing with consultants was that they tended to be ‘A’ candidates themselves, and were not sure how someone could win without impeccable credentials. In contrast, Bill believed in me as a person and was able to use that belief to help me take my career and candidacy to the next level.

You can't go wrong with Bill and the SBC team.

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