February 09, 2015

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Just wanted to drop a note about what a fabulous experience it was working with SBC during my successful application for Kellogg Executive MBA program. Getting into Kellogg is a dream come true for me, and it simply wouldn't have happened without my consultant's support. I highly recommend them to anyone applying to Kellogg due to their intimate knowledge about the school, especially the Kellogg Executive MBA program. I was hesitant to engage an admissions consulting firm, as I did not see many testimonials for Executive MBA programs. My consultants lay my doubts to rest as they were very familiar with what it takes to build a solid application for experienced managers like myself. My ideas of how to answer the ten or so Kellogg essays were very different from what they suggested. Their explanation on how to answer these essays from the ad-com point of view was eye-opening for me and worth the cost of engaging them. I am certain that if I had written the essay questions without their assistance, I would not have been able to make a strong case for my candidacy.Not only did they work tirelessly to help me achieve my objective (my edited essays were always reviewed and returned with candid feedback within hours after sending them), they also drove me hard to self-reflect during the long discovery and essay-writing process. Although I did not like that upon my consultants' insistence I had to discard and rewrite an entire 1,000 word essay (I thought it was pretty good!), I trusted their judgement. They expertly guided me to highlight my strengths (work-experience) and to address the weak areas (low-GPA) of my candidacy and at the end of the day, that made the difference.

Thank you for offering such a valuable service. I look forward to a life changing experience at Kellogg.

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