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September 29 | 2017
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Erin is an amazing consultant! She is so smart, creative and strategic. She knows what the schools are looking for and she knows how to guide. I had some friends help me and they were very good at marking up my essays and telling me what was wrong. I now understand the difference between criticism and coaching. Erin showed me what was wrong, but also explained what was missing and where it needed to go. She then helped me figure out how to get there. She asked me the right questions that helped me to find my answers. It was actually a really cool journey of "self discovery" She was fun to work with - funny, kind and encouraging but also she pushes and coaches hard.
Her interview prep was also excellent. I have anxiety around interviewing and she helped me understand that the right kind of practice was the key. I took advantage of all of the SBC resources - practiced on the video platform, read through their interview guides and looked through all of the transcripts on their resource center. I had a mock with Erin where she helped me hone in on where I needed to focus my efforts. It was the first time in my life that I walked into an interview feeling quite confident, because I know my story well and had so much practice telling it. She psyched me up and prepared me.
Really could not have asked for more in a consultant. In many ways the experience exceeded my expectations. Because I created three great applications and also enjoyed the process (most of the time).

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