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This review is for: Menlo Coaching
Consultant: David White

My husband and I both worked with David on our applications. David really helped the two of us to create coherent and resonating stories in order to maximize the chances of us getting into the same school. Along the process, he was a true friend who always thought about our applications from our perspectives, offering advice at every single decision making point. A few things that I really appreciated
1) Timeliness: Even though he is located in Europe, the time difference actually helped to get very efficient turnarounds. He was also in NYC for quite some time so that we could have face to face meetings, which was very efficient.
2) Organized: He'll never miss any emails/questions, and all the answers he provided are well thought out
3) Resourcefulness: David always offered good ideas, and chatting with him whenever I felt stuck had a therapeutic effect -- I knew that I was in good hands
4) He's a genuine person: A lot of consultants single goal is to make money and rip people off. It never felt that way. David and Alice always tried to make this holistic experience (organizing gatherings for their clients in the same city, etc). It felt like a community

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