February 07, 2017

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Tests the limit


e-GMAT Quant Scholaranium is one of the toughest tests I have faced while preparing for GMAT. The questions test every aspect of quant skills required to ace the GMAT. Once you solve questions from Scholaranium, GMAT questions should be a cake-walk.
Scholaranium is not only a rich source for some difficult questions but also provides in-depth explanation for each questions. Even if one is not able to understand the solution, he/she can easily get assistance from e-gmat team of instructors. They are very prompt and force you to think through every question in details before providing solutions. This is very important as you should test your abilities first before seeking help.
Apart from questions, the test provides pertinent analysis of each question type tested in GMAT. You can easily analyze the results to assess your own strengths & weaknesses.

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