Quant Scholaranium Reviews

  • A flexible quizzing platform with 750+ questions all designed by the top rated experts on GMAT Club. (enough for 10 Quant mocks)
  • Comprehensive solutions + Experts Support + Bookmarking and replay abilities.
  • Ability quizzes that predict your Number Properties, Algebra, Word Problems, Geometry, and Advanced Topics percentiles.
  • Ability to point-out and analyze your weak areas
  • Track your improvement in real-time with advanced analytics capabilities.
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October 26, 2018

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Most comprehensive course available for GMAT preparation


I can't thank enough egmat for helping me through my GMAT journey. Being an engineer I thought quant would not be so difficult for me but it was after my first mock test I realized that I have to work equally hard in quant as well as verbal. It was then I purchased egmat Quant and Verbal online course subscription. The course structure is very well planned out. e-Gmat is the most extensive, well designed and comprehensive prep course. I really liked the way concepts are explained with examples and many practice questions after each and every concept to solidify your understanding.

For Quant, the approach they follow is crisp and easy to understand. They never misguide you by providing shorcuts instead they give very helpful strategies to focus on. I completed the course and revised all the concepts explained by them. I did not follow any other material for Quant. Also, scholarinium was so helpful, it provided a variety of question ranging from easy to hard and very hard.

Egmat course has everything you need to crack GMAT. If you have the right amount of determination no one can stop you from achieving your dream. Thanks egmat team for making it possible and making this journey easier for many of us.

Thanks and good luck!!

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November 25, 2017

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720 Q49 V40

A must for Q50-51


The quant Scholaranium is one of the best resources available for gmat club. The scholaranium is a huge question bank with lots of questions. Infact you can create your own tests set your own time though they give an approx indication of the time limit for that many number of questions. The questions are divided into very hard , hard , medium and easy. Very hard questions are brutal and are great concept builders for someone aiming for a q51. Even hard questions are challenging and are a must for someone targeting a high score of 49+. Egmat made me score a 49 and also the explanation provided is super amazing

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November 23, 2017

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a Must to get GMAT like questions across all difficulty levels


I will highly recommend Quant and Verbal Scholaranium for GMAT applicants. it helped me o get prospective regarding approaching each questions. in GMAT I feel accuracy over timeliness are both important . Easiest to achieve both is to follow step by step approach in each section of GMAT.Scholaranium is one stop solution for that. each question in Scholaranium tests you and also helps you in building solid understanding of problem and ways to get to solution. I again thank E-gmat and question makers for creating wonderful course. Thank you and keep up the good work. Thanks - Devdatta C joshi

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October 04, 2017

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740 Q49 V40

E-Gmat Scholarium Review


This is an excellent instrument to improve your quant skills. The tasks are challenging and really hard. I would assume that the tasks are of a 700+ level. I was using it mainly for polishing my skills after completion of general course and using OG. It is very structured and very convenient if one wants to understand where is the weakest spots in his/her preparation. You could track your performance with the detailed break down by different types of skills required. My abilities have improved substantially (at least 5 points on a quant section). I would advise to go through e-GMAT quant preparation and then practice with Scholaranium.

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October 03, 2017

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650 Q43 V37

e-GMAT Quant Scholaranium - Worth the money!


I got an exclusive 20 day trial of e-GMAT's Quant Scholaranium platform and I had the opportunity of solving nearly 170 of the 300 quant word problems. After solving more than a 100 questions, I was hooked! The questions varying in difficulty from Easy to Very Hard, allowed me to make my own customized quizzes. Not only can you decide the time limit but also the number of questions and their difficulty level. Furthermore, you can even select the sub type of the questions for each given Quant section which is a brilliant feature. This was extremely helpful in the areas where I needed improvement. Once you are done with a quiz you get a dynamic ability report which tells you which are your weak and strong areas respectively. The Quant Scholaranium helped me augment my quantitative skills and was a major factor in my decision to upgrade to the full online quant course (which I got for a special offer of just 100 bucks!). The video tutorials along with the quant quizzes have brought my ability up from a 55% to nearly a 90%! I feel much more confident for my upcoming GMAT exam which is in 3 weeks.

I have also exhausted all the free trial Verbal Scholaranium questions (nearly 130 in number) and I have to say some of the RC and CR questions were brilliant. I realized some weak areas for which I took special care and now I am in a better place with my verbal ability. All in all, the Scholaranium is a highly detailed and meticulously designed tool.
If I had to rate it I would rate Quant Scholaranium a 10/10 and the Verbal Scholaranium a 9/10! Minus 1 for the Verbal platform just because I needed more free practice questions :D

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September 28, 2017

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740 Q50 V40

Comprehensive and accurate


I had the opportunity to access the complete Quant Scholaranium on the e-GMAT platform while preparing for my GMAT exam very recently and it was thoroughly useful for all my quant preparation purposes. I had been working for a few years and i was completely cutoff from academics for the entire length of my professional career. So it was overwhelming for me to even think about preparing for any competitive exams. Quant was a relatively stronger suit for me since i was working in the analytics industry and the quant Scholaranium helped me ease into the preparation process with lots of different timing and mix of questions options that were available there. The thorough explanations along with almost real time answers to any doubts i had by the experts at e-gmat really helped in building my concepts and dispel any doubts regarding theory or process of solving a problem that i had. The frequent webinars on selected important topics also served to highlight the kind and level of questions that can be expected on the paper and the best ways to solve them. Using all these tools i finally managed to score a 50 on the quant section with about two months of preparation. Thanks e-gmat and thanks Rajat.

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September 11, 2017

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Good engaging product for Quant improvement


It is a very good product in terms it gives the flexibility to make the choice of the topic as well as difficulty level of the questions. The analytics part in helping understand ones weakness over a period of questions helped in improving the skill level.

The online solution help was also helpful and e-gmat instructors responded quickly to clear the doubts.
In the english section RC technique of getting immersed in the passage helped a lot and felt SC techniques were the best way to attack the SC section.

As it was online so it helped in terms of solving the questions the gmat way on a screen rather on paper which really gives the scholaranium the edge over other.

The way the scholaranium is presented in the terms of giving the option to choose time,etc and solutions to clear the doubts helped maintain the consistency to grasp the skill.

Also the aspect that there were video solutions for difficult questions helped a lot.

In all it helped in improving accuracy for SC ,RC part and dealing with tough questions in maths.

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September 05, 2017

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640 Q47 V31

Final frontier to test and master Quant


I have been preparing for the GMAT since 9 months now, while my Quant has always been strong, but somehow i have not been able to score above 44 in any of the practice tests, i always wonder what is the issue. Am i too confident or overconfident for Quant.

After lot of introspection and research finally i got the answer it is all about basics . Since childhood been taught Zero is a number but first time in my life got to know that zero is not a number. A friend of mine who's currently working in Canada after completing his MBA's from there asked me to visit E-GMAT and since then all changed in my way of thinking and solving questions. I took the GMAT online course and now with last 5 months of study in detail, i am able to score 51 easily in Quant, and 44 too when the hardest of 37 question set is thrown .

The Quant scholaranium is a place to test your skills in detail where basics are tested to a level which makes you comfortable to solve the toughest of question easily. For a person like me an Engineering egoist Math wiz (presumably) who was made to understand difference between Math and Quant, the E-GMAT has done wonder.

My baiscs are sound, the question set in Scholaranium is amazing, with every Question type covered and the solutions provided would give you an insight what went wrong in the way of thinking. I was able to chart my weakness easily and in detail.

I am confident enough to score Q 51 on October 17th when i have D day dates finally. Hope to score as i am doing now and write a review again putting my insights about the the questions.

I would highly recommend the E-GMAT course for every GMAT applicant who wants to score good and fly high.

Thank you E-GMAT. All the best to everyone.

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February 25, 2017

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Scholaranium - 'better than the best'


I started my GMAT journey as others by taking a mock test. I scored a dismal 530. Someone had told me that whatever you score on a 1st mock you can improve your score by 100 maximum. Being an India IT male with a degree from avg private university I knew that I needed to score greater than 700. I was disappointed but I didn't lose hope.
I started preparing with MGMAT guide books. I studied those for about 4-5 months and took MGMAT CATs as per course design. My score did improve by 100, and after 4-5 months I was getting score in the range of 610-640 but this surely was not enough given my background. Then I met a friend of mine who recently BeatTheGMAT by scoring 740. He introduced me to e-GMAT, explaining me how well the course is designed and how beneficial it is for non-natives.
Taking his advice I bought GMAT online course from e-GMAT. The course content, as reviewed by fellow learners here and advised by my friend, is surely designed in such a manner that helps learning. The focus on ‘understanding meaning’ before jumping to answer choices has changed my perspective and has helped me grasp things with clarity.
The most important feature which e-GMAT provides is the Scholaranium, it surely is God send. I cannot find more apt definition for ability quizzes than this one which I found on a blog – “Ability Quizzes take accuracy out of the equation and give you a true estimate of your proficiency. The best thing – you can take an ability quiz in as little as 30 minutes and figure out where you need to focus next for maximum impact. Moreover, the vast question bank ensures that you can take multiple ability quizzes to track your improvement.”
Now one might think why I shall take ability quizzes from Scholaranium and not a full length mocks which will help me build stamina too. Consider you completed Critical reasoning section and you want to measure your ‘ability’ for this section, taking a Mock at this moment will be like wasting an attempt and it will impact your confidence.
I have taken mocks in past when I was preparing with MGMAT materials. Now, I have been taking ability quizzes from Quants Scholaranium and Verbal Scholaranium from last 1 month and I feel more confident to crack 700 mark. I will be writing my GMAT soon and I will keep everyone updated once I am done.


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February 09, 2017

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640 Q44 V33



e-GMAT’s scholaranium is like a test bank with over 700 quant questions to practice. It has an amazing platform with the ability to customize you quiz to include topics and sub topics of your choice and the level of difficulty of the questions you want. Also, you can take ability quizzes, which measures your ability to answer different levels of GMAT questions. The analytics really helps you pinpoint your weak and strong topics, which in turn helps you to customize your preparation. And the best part is that every question is provided with detailed solution which helps you strengthen your core concepts.

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