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I got an exclusive 20 day trial of e-GMAT's Quant Scholaranium platform and I had the opportunity of solving nearly 170 of the 300 quant word problems. After solving more than a 100 questions, I was hooked! The questions varying in difficulty from Easy to Very Hard, allowed me to make my own customized quizzes. Not only can you decide the time limit but also the number of questions and their difficulty level. Furthermore, you can even select the sub type of the questions for each given Quant section which is a brilliant feature. This was extremely helpful in the areas where I needed improvement. Once you are done with a quiz you get a dynamic ability report which tells you which are your weak and strong areas respectively. The Quant Scholaranium helped me augment my quantitative skills and was a major factor in my decision to upgrade to the full online quant course (which I got for a special offer of just 100 bucks!). The video tutorials along with the quant quizzes have brought my ability up from a 55% to nearly a 90%! I feel much more confident for my upcoming GMAT exam which is in 3 weeks.

I have also exhausted all the free trial Verbal Scholaranium questions (nearly 130 in number) and I have to say some of the RC and CR questions were brilliant. I realized some weak areas for which I took special care and now I am in a better place with my verbal ability. All in all, the Scholaranium is a highly detailed and meticulously designed tool.
If I had to rate it I would rate Quant Scholaranium a 10/10 and the Verbal Scholaranium a 9/10! Minus 1 for the Verbal platform just because I needed more free practice questions :D

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