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Final frontier to test and master Quant


I have been preparing for the GMAT since 9 months now, while my Quant has always been strong, but somehow i have not been able to score above 44 in any of the practice tests, i always wonder what is the issue. Am i too confident or overconfident for Quant.

After lot of introspection and research finally i got the answer it is all about basics . Since childhood been taught Zero is a number but first time in my life got to know that zero is not a number. A friend of mine who's currently working in Canada after completing his MBA's from there asked me to visit E-GMAT and since then all changed in my way of thinking and solving questions. I took the GMAT online course and now with last 5 months of study in detail, i am able to score 51 easily in Quant, and 44 too when the hardest of 37 question set is thrown .

The Quant scholaranium is a place to test your skills in detail where basics are tested to a level which makes you comfortable to solve the toughest of question easily. For a person like me an Engineering egoist Math wiz (presumably) who was made to understand difference between Math and Quant, the E-GMAT has done wonder.

My baiscs are sound, the question set in Scholaranium is amazing, with every Question type covered and the solutions provided would give you an insight what went wrong in the way of thinking. I was able to chart my weakness easily and in detail.

I am confident enough to score Q 51 on October 17th when i have D day dates finally. Hope to score as i am doing now and write a review again putting my insights about the the questions.

I would highly recommend the E-GMAT course for every GMAT applicant who wants to score good and fly high.

Thank you E-GMAT. All the best to everyone.

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