September 11, 2017

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Good engaging product for Quant improvement


It is a very good product in terms it gives the flexibility to make the choice of the topic as well as difficulty level of the questions. The analytics part in helping understand ones weakness over a period of questions helped in improving the skill level.

The online solution help was also helpful and e-gmat instructors responded quickly to clear the doubts.
In the english section RC technique of getting immersed in the passage helped a lot and felt SC techniques were the best way to attack the SC section.

As it was online so it helped in terms of solving the questions the gmat way on a screen rather on paper which really gives the scholaranium the edge over other.

The way the scholaranium is presented in the terms of giving the option to choose time,etc and solutions to clear the doubts helped maintain the consistency to grasp the skill.

Also the aspect that there were video solutions for difficult questions helped a lot.

In all it helped in improving accuracy for SC ,RC part and dealing with tough questions in maths.

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