October 26, 2018

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Most comprehensive course available for GMAT preparation


I can't thank enough egmat for helping me through my GMAT journey. Being an engineer I thought quant would not be so difficult for me but it was after my first mock test I realized that I have to work equally hard in quant as well as verbal. It was then I purchased egmat Quant and Verbal online course subscription. The course structure is very well planned out. e-Gmat is the most extensive, well designed and comprehensive prep course. I really liked the way concepts are explained with examples and many practice questions after each and every concept to solidify your understanding.

For Quant, the approach they follow is crisp and easy to understand. They never misguide you by providing shorcuts instead they give very helpful strategies to focus on. I completed the course and revised all the concepts explained by them. I did not follow any other material for Quant. Also, scholarinium was so helpful, it provided a variety of question ranging from easy to hard and very hard.

Egmat course has everything you need to crack GMAT. If you have the right amount of determination no one can stop you from achieving your dream. Thanks egmat team for making it possible and making this journey easier for many of us.

Thanks and good luck!!

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