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I had the opportunity to access the complete Quant Scholaranium on the e-GMAT platform while preparing for my GMAT exam very recently and it was thoroughly useful for all my quant preparation purposes. I had been working for a few years and i was completely cutoff from academics for the entire length of my professional career. So it was overwhelming for me to even think about preparing for any competitive exams. Quant was a relatively stronger suit for me since i was working in the analytics industry and the quant Scholaranium helped me ease into the preparation process with lots of different timing and mix of questions options that were available there. The thorough explanations along with almost real time answers to any doubts i had by the experts at e-gmat really helped in building my concepts and dispel any doubts regarding theory or process of solving a problem that i had. The frequent webinars on selected important topics also served to highlight the kind and level of questions that can be expected on the paper and the best ways to solve them. Using all these tools i finally managed to score a 50 on the quant section with about two months of preparation. Thanks e-gmat and thanks Rajat.

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