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INSEAD Essay and Resume Coaching

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With the deadline for INSEAD applications looming and a hectic schedule at work, I knew I needed assistance in making sure I put my best foot forward. I have also made some interesting choices in my career, so telling my story was always going to be challenging. What I had in mind was someone to read over my essays and provide feedback - what works and what doesn't. I sent a few cold emails and Alex was the first to respond. I had read the testimonials online, so thought it was worth a try.

Alex's services far exceeded my expectations. He invests a lot of energy to understand your story and pick vulnerabilities. He is critical and yes, the feedback keeps on coming but I think that is the beauty of the flat fee model he offers. His experience as a HR professional also shines through. The whole experience of working with Alex felt more like a partnership in trying to get to the best product in time for the looming deadline.

One of my biggest concerns in hiring a consultant was ending up with a generic application. But Alex is more like a coach who prompts you by asking questions and things to think about when writing your responses. The final product sounds very much like me. It does mean it is a bit more work through. So if you are looking for someone to just write the application for you, then maybe he is not the one.

Highly recommend!

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