May 21, 2015

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I had an absolutely amazing experience working with Monica Okrah. With her expertise and guidance, I received admission to HBS and two other premier business schools. Before Monica, the pressure was debilitating. I had just quit my New York City job to work within my family business and to pursue business school. I felt completely overwhelmed with the seemingly complicated MBA application process. The round 2 deadline was 3 months away and I hadn’t looked at a single application, but was still stumbling through a GMAT prep class. I didn’t think that I could salvage the year and meet the deadlines. I was unjustifiably confident in my writing and personal story, so I was merely looking for a comprehensive strategy to efficiently tackle the process, but I received so much more!

I participated in the free consultation with mbaMission and the initial consultant directed me to Monica Okrah. I spoke with Monica and for the first time, I actually believed that my goals were achievable. Not only was she extremely encouraging and optimistic, but Monica was also professional, knowledgeable and candid. Monica knew everything there is to know about the application process including the smallest details that could determine my success or failure. I signed up for the four-schools, all-inclusive package right away. Before we dug into the essays, Monica created a step-by-step game plan that would allow me to create my best product.

As I stated before, I was unjustifiably confident in my ability to market my story. Through many (many) iterations, Monica helped me highlight my experiences and achievements to form comprehensive, unique and focused essays. Thanks to Monica, my entire application including resume, short-answer questions, essays and even recommendations, sent a united message to the admissions committee. After I received interviews to all of my schools, Monica’s rigorous interview prep gave me the confidence to express myself and own my story. Monica knew my story and application better than I did. She was able to highlight potential areas where I needed to have sound responses to relay the right message. As far as application content, interview preparation and process management, Monica provided tremendous value and surpassed every expectation that I had for a MBA consultant. However, it’s her intangible factors that compel me to write this review. Like most applicants, I experienced ups and downs throughout my journey. Because of sub-par scores, I took the GMAT multiple times including just 10 days before the final deadlines. I was burdened by immense pressure and had gaps in my story. Monica was there and she believed in me. She always knew the next strategic move and provided the motivation to take the next step. I ultimately received admission to all of my top choices and I can’t say enough about Monica’s help. She was absolutely instrumental and I would highly recommend her to applicants that want to make their MBA dreams come true.

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