January 28, 2016

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Angela Guido -- A consultant who really gets to know you!


Just like the title says, Angela is really somebody who cares about getting to know you as an applicant, and not just putting together a package that she thinks the Adcom wants to see. I've heard a number of horror stories of other applicants who used lesser consultants, and ended up with cookie-cutter applications that didn't really say who they were.

Angela's process started with a lengthy consultation and questionnaire. At first I was reluctant to fill another lengthy document on top of the application that I was about to embark on, but its value was very quickly apparent. After reviewing that document and through subsequent conversations, Angela really got to the core of who I was and what motivates me. Without Angela's guidance, I certainly would have taken a much more standard approach to my application, laying out accomplishments, career points, etc. With her help, my application was tailored to who I was, and my personality came through.

On top of her guidance through the essays, it was very comforting to have someone as experienced as Angela to bounce questions off of. Every little thought that you have on the application -- even as trivial as what font should I use -- she'll have good advice for, even if that advice is "don't worry about that...seriously".

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