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I just wanted to share my amazing mbaMission experience with everyone. I pretty much applied to business school on a whim. Not knowing what to expect, I started the application process with 3 months left before the application deadline. A friend suggested I seek help from a consultant. So I contacted all the companies offering free initial consultations.

Some quick info about me: I have a sub 3.0 GPA from a not so reputable state school. I was even placed on academic probation at a junior college! I have less than 3 years of work experience in the least relevant field imaginable. I mean, my track record screams "NOT B-SCHOOL MATERIAL!"

So I was not surprised as consultant after consultant pretty much told me to not waste their time. Others never even got back to me. But John, who I was placed on a 30 minute freebie call with, was encouraging throughout our conversation. Instead of focusing on the negatives, he highlighted the positives. John was very creative and seemed to know exactly what the adcom wanted to hear. It also helped that we kept a great line of communication. He kept me on track during the entire process, and together we made sure I put forth the best application possible.

The end result was an admission to a top 20 European program. I can't thank John enough for all his help and encouragement. I would highly recommend John Sisk and mbaMission to anyone who is interested in applying to business school. Thanks again, John!!

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