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Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I worked with Katy on my Round 2 applications starting in October 2017. At the time, I was weighing a couple of other options, but ultimately decided to go with Katy because of the rapport we immediately established during our 30-minute kick off call and I have been thrilled with that decision ever since!

Katy was incredibly helpful and methodical at every step in the process, and I can say without a doubt that I would not have been able to get into my top schools without her guidance. I was nervous at the beginning because I felt that I didn't have a good grasp of what the top programs were looking for and was somewhat concerned by my GMAT score (V44/Q45).

Katy gave me confidence throughout the process and helped me to refine my story so that I was able to effectively message my candidacy to a variety of programs. She quickly answered every question I had, and her feedback to my drafts was always thoughtful and productive. One thing that really made our partnership effective was how she often provided her feedback in the form a reaction rather than line-editing. That allowed me to retain my voice while at the same time sharpening the points I wanted to convey.

While several other reviewers focus on how valuable her feedback was on their essays--which are undoubtedly important--I found that she was incredibly helpful in interview prep and also served as a sounding board for one of my recommenders who was unfamiliar with the process. These attributes, in addition to her being a very kind and generous person, made Katy absolutely wonderful to work with.

Long story short: If you are considering working with Katy, you should do so. I consider her a friend and will always be grateful for her assistance in this intense process!

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