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January 10 | 2016
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First thing is do your campus visit before you apply, that will help you a lot and it is also a kind of test whether you are a good fit for this program. Because Hanover is really a remote place and the life and MBA experience would be extremely different from other schools located in the cities.

Second thing is trying to figure out what is your career goal before you apply, and find out the strength of different schools. As far as I noticed, Tuck is really strong in consulting, because there are so many opportunities and you will have great support on that.

Last, for me, MBA is a life changing experience as I moved from my country and started a completely new life here. It may not be the case or be the exact thing you are looking for, so be prepared for this.

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Strengths of the program:

Culture & Student Support

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Student body, diversity

Alumni Network

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Comments [2]

Created by anathagenzum

November 23, 2016


You mention that the alumni network could be improved. Could you elaborate on why you think so, as I was under the impression that that is one of the largest assets for any student at Tuck.


Created by Bowtye

February 14, 2017


The comment about the alumni network surprises me as well. I was under the impression it is an extremely tight knit network.
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