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E-gmat Verbal Scholanarium


In my first attempt at GMAT I scored Q49 V34 (670) - I performed below my expectations and bombed my CR questions on actual GMAT.

Coming from a non-native and IIT background, I knew I have to improve my score substantially. That's when I started searching and taking free trials of multiple online modules. After thorough diligence - thanks to GMAT club reviews, I decided to go for E-gmat Verbal Online course which gave me access to E-gmat verbal scholaranium.

Coming to the verbal scholaranium, I found it quite useful in improving my CR and solidifying my SC and RC. Firstly, the quality of questions is quite close to what I got in my actual GMAT - the hard level CR questions are a bit hard though but may it is only due to my poor preparations in CR.

Secondly, the solutions provide to the questions really get your brain wired to solve problems more effectively and timely. Towards later part of my scholaranium practice I could see I have started getting even the hard questions correct quite often.

Lastly, given my study plan I wanted flexibility to focus on a particular section and problems in that section - in which scholaranium again provided me the tools to focus on such individual sections - especially Weaken CR questions.

Overall, I found that E-gmat course and the practice tools have helped me in my concepts and a targeted practice.

Gearing up for my second attempt at GMAT soon and will keep everyone updated once I am done. Thanks E-gmat team for the help all this while.

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